When is the Best Time to Consider Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots?

In the online casino world, games come in all shapes and sizes, and there is an equally varied selection of possible payouts to choose from. However, one type of slot always grabs the attention of players looking for a life-changing win. Progressive jackpot slots have some of the biggest and best payouts, with games like Major Millions, Megabucks, Wheel of Fortune, Saturday Night Live, and Millionaire 777 providing some of the best and most entertaining high jackpot games.

There is, however, one that stands out above all the rest, and that’s Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. It currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest jackpot, a staggering €17,880,800. While this jaw-dropping sum is not a regular occurrence, there are still some fantastic sums waiting for you to win them every year.

Winning such vast sums of money has a lot to do with chance, but is it possible to improve your chances? Choosing when you play progressive jackpot slots can make a difference, it’ll also save you money, and you’ll have more fun.

Make Sure Your Spins Qualify

Progressive jackpot games come with specific requirements, and these tend to vary from game to game. Checking the game’s set-up is crucial, or you risk hitting a winning combo but only getting a small portion of the jackpot pool because your spins don’t qualify. How mortified would you be if this happened?

You’ll find the requirements in the game’s pay table and rules. Check how many coins and how much money per spin you need to risk. Once you’re clear on the requirements, you can decide whether you want to have just a handful of plays or enjoy an extended jackpot gaming session.

Some games allow you to win the entire jackpot with a smaller wager, but other games require a complete set of coins or a specific stake to win the total jackpot.

Spin When the Jackpot is at its Juiciest

The size of a jackpot depends on two things: time and volume. To add to the excitement, as the jackpot grows larger, it attracts more and more players who fancy their chances at landing the jackpot.

This is the time when the big money players start spinning. Some of these eager spinners are gambling syndicates. It, therefore, makes sense to keep a close eye on a selection of jackpots and pick the games with the eye-watering prize pools when you play. Some of the providers to watch out for are Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming.

Wait Until a Jackpot Hasn’t Been Won for a Few Weeks

Slots are totally random, so this tip might seem counterintuitive, but the paradox is that the longer the jackpot hasn’t been won, the better your chances of winning it. There are plenty of experts who will strongly debunk this tip, but it does seem to happen.

If you’ve been watching the progressive jackpot slots and have spotted a jackpot slot that’s not been won for weeks, it might be worth your while spending some time spinning the reels.

Trust Your Intuition

Luck is a very controversial concept, but plenty of players, amateur and professional, live by it. Perhaps it might be worthwhile listening to your gut feeling if you’ve got one.

When it comes to how you feel, there’s one crucial tip worth considering. Never gamble when you’re in a bad mood because it can lead to bad decisions when placing your wagers.

It might also interest you to learn some multi-million jackpot winners have won on their first ever go, with a low session volume or small stakes.

Set a Sensible Jackpot Gaming Budget

Setting yourself a sensible weekly or monthly budget is vital if you want to enjoy your progressive slot machine experience. Of course, it’s also equally important to stick to a budget when you set it. You might decide to limit yourself to 200 spins a month on a particular genre of games or machine you love.

Winning is, however, random and not directly related to how much you play, what time you play, and knowing whether a slot is hot or cold. But the truth of the matter is that you have to be in it to win it. The tips that we’ve shared could also make a difference.   

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