Largest Slot Wins in Casino History

Slots always took up a special place in every casino hall, but the technological leaps of more recent times have turned them into the overly popular centerpieces they are today. “Progressive” is the main keyword here. While a lot of awesome cash prizes can be won playing the ever-expanding myriad of video slots, the largest scores in the books have come from progressive slots.

During the past decade alone, there’s been a total of 11 Jackpots paid out to lucky slot players and none fell shorter than a whopping $10 million. Land-based casinos are still tied to the biggest potential Jackpot wins, but as we’ll see later in this article, there are plans of turning the scales in online slots’ favor.   

Top Providers and Their Heftiest Payouts

Everybody loves a good underdog origin story, but in this case that doesn’t apply. Among a plethora of game providers, it is the two biggest ones that take the spotlight in this aspect, as well. NetEnt’s Mega Fortune and Microgaming’s Mega Moolah have gotten into the Guinness World Record several years ago which sparked a competition that is still ongoing.

Today, it is Microgaming with its flagship Mega Moolah slot that hold the world record for the biggest online ever jackpot paid out. The feat was performed back in 2015, when a lucky winner managed to score a Jackpot of roughly $21 million. Four years later, Microgaming almost pulled off a deuce, when another lucky thrill seeker got rewarded with just over $20 million for a very, VERY fortunate spin.

Other notable entries from Mega Moolah:

  • $20 million Jackpot scored in October 2015
  • $15.22 million Jackpot scored in November 2016
  • $15.19 million Jackpot scored in August 2016
  • $13.6 million Jackpot scored in April 2016
  • $13.2 million Jackpot scored in June 2016

But the one that sparked the rivalry was actually NetEnt. The gambling industry giant was the first to set an iGaming world record with the $13.3 million Jackpot Mega Fortune dished out back in 2011, only to be followed by another cannonball – roughly $19.5 million – only two years later.

How Progressives Changed the Game Forever

The first Progressive slot came into being back in 1986, when IGT’s Megabucks was setting up for the very first progressive Jackpot win the world of gambling was waiting for. The game was connected to other local terminals via phone lines and offered a base Jackpot of $1,000,000. It was not even operating for a full year when one lucky player managed to collect the Jackpot that grew up to an astounding $4.9 million. Fast forward 31 years to 217 when no less than 12 players managed to score Mega Moolah progressive jackpots within the same year, raising the tally to a gargantuan $73 million, combined.

With the prospect of landing a life-changing prize at any spin of the reels, it is no wonder that most high rollers slowly left other low-paying video slots in the rearview mirror and gravitated towards the progressives.

Present and Future of Monstruous Jackpot Wins

As stated in the beginning of this piece, the largest Jackpot wins ever are still attributed to land-based casinos. Not surprisingly, Las Vegas reigns supreme in this category. Probably the most successful story comes from a 25-year-old, Los Angeles-based software engineer. Back in 2003, he wagered three $1 coins on Megabucks while in town for the NCAA basketball tourney and won a dazzling $38.7 million. Looking back, however, it was just a matter of “sooner rather than later”, as International Game Technology reported Megabucks’ progressive Jackpot had hit the $20 million marker only two years prior.

At that time, a retired flight attendant that wagered $300 on the slot cashed out an impressive $27.5 million grand prize. Only a year later, another lucky player tuned in at Caesars Palace for a $21 million payday, acquired through a $10 spin.

However, that was back then. Now, Hacksaw Gaming – a relatively new player in the game provider arena – is looking to challenge the rules of online progressive Jackpots. The company’s COO talks about reduced Jackpot build-up times and “insured” jackpots that could feature grand prizes ranging from $5 million to $50 million.

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